IEM Daily heartily welcomes you to the Official App of Daily Notes Writers. By this Platform, you will be able to unleash your potential as a successful Handwritten Notes Writer.

Steps :

 1. By watching Lectures from Open Projects Section, You have to write down the required Notes. Handwritten notes should be legible & must contain all written & verbal(understanding) part of faculty for a sure shot selection by our Editors. If your Video Playlist is not present in Open Projects Section then fill up the form from Lecture Notes On Demand Section mentioning the video playlist link. We will update the project as soon as possible.
2. After Completion of a Complete Project, You have to Scan it and upload the softcopy in .pdf file in IEM Daily Notes Writer SectionAfter approval of  Lecture Notes, Daily Notes Writer will get Project Completion Certificate from IEM Daily.

3. Our Editor will Modify the Notes by writing in Tablet & Stylus to make it Attractive.

4. Once the Notes will be Live on IEM Daily App, after 30 Days, Notes Writer will get  Real Cash in their bank account for every upcoming month. 

  • Write Notes Once, Get Payment Every Month.

As simple as that!

Let's Begin.